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Vision & Mission

Our Mission & Vision

Witnessing the trauma and consequences of parental loss for my children, my brother’s children, and other children in our community at various stages of development highlighted a critical need. It was clear that without adequate support and counseling, grieving children aren’t equipped to handle emotional and mental stress that comes with bereavement.

The mission of KMFF is to provide support for children, from infants to 25 years old, who’ve experienced the death of a parent.

1 in 13 children will experience the death of a parent or sibling by 18 years of age, and that number doubles by the age of 25. Studies of childhood and adolescent bereavement found outcomes varied based on age (e.g., below age 12 and over age 12), and included:

  • Disciplinary and behavior problems
  • Impairment in social functions
  • Depression and other mental issues
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Impacted school performance

These issues can lead to responses that result in substance abuse, criminal activities, and sexual promiscuity. They often live a life filled with unresolved behavioral and coping dilemmas.

Because individual and group counseling are key components in the healing journey for our grieving children and young adults, KMFF’s vision includes several phases.

KMFF will initially offer financial aid to families seeking counseling. But we’re actively seeking partners and allies who will help us acquire building space for future counseling programs. We envision a space for special group support – where young people can come together and heal, as they share their journey with others like them. The space would also one day support licensed counseling services.

Meet the KMFF Board of Directors who’ll lead our efforts to accomplish this mission and vision:

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KMFF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our Form 990 is available for review upon request.

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